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From Nachos to Natural

From Nachos to Natural

I have an energy drink every morning. 

You know the type, right? Full of chemicals, sugar and caffeine, not to mention artificial flavorings and preservatives. HORRIBLE for your heart and every other part of your body. 

Needless to say, I’m not the kind of person who cared very much if her food was “natural” or not. I loved (still love) fast food, I’m a sucker for white bread and I have a sweet tooth the size of an elephant tusk. So how did I get here, buying chia seeds and garlic-infused olive oil in bulk? Well, let’s rewind to October of 2018. 

I train horses for a living, and was introduced to Frontier Co-op and Co-op Market herbs for my horses. Let’s face it, horse people are borderline obsessive about their equine athlete’s health and wellness. I am far more likely to make sure that my horses are eating GREAT quality products than I am myself. So when I was approached to try herbal products to supplement my feed program, I really didn’t care that it was natural...I cared if it worked. After a few weeks of having my horses on a mixture of herbal blends and my favorite barn supplement, Whole Leaf Pure Aloe Vera Gel, my horses never looked better. My feed bill was also dropping. Win-win! Herbal supplements had my horses using their feed in a much more effective way and their digestion was superior. At the time, I didn’t care that I was feeding the best-sourced herbs in the world, what I cared about was results--my horses looked amazing. 

Without really knowing it, I started “down the path of going natural”. I spent nights reading herbal guides and searching Google to find out what I could feed my horses to work out all different sorts of issues. We had a  gelding with severe respiratory issues - Mullein and Nettles for him. A cranky mare was (a lot!) happier with raspberry leaves. Anxiety of my high performance equines was supported with Valerian. I learned that Marshmallow Root looks nothing like marshmallows in the store, but works wonders on a horse’s digestion track and overall health. Dandelion, Burdock Root, Chamomile, Lavender, the list goes on and on. The results continued to be amazing and I couldn’t get enough of it. I was excited to make my monthly bulk order of herbs and even more excited to share what I was learning with the horse community. I believed in these products...for my horses.

In 2019, I became hooked on natural supplements for my animals.I KNEW the benefits they probably held for my own health, I just couldn’t be bothered to jump on that bus myself yet. I have always taken better care of my animals than myself. Remember I just confessed how much I like junk food!  But, I will also tell you I run a training facility that caters to over 40 head of horses and nearly 100 clients who take weekly riding lessons, along with an intense, year-round show schedule. I was exhausted all the time. Also, most of my life I’ve dealt with chronic anxiety and depression. 

It was a struggle to get out of bed, then an even bigger struggle not to end up back there a few minutes later. When you work for yourself it’s awfully easy to crawl back into the covers and decide you’ll worry about it all “later.” For a very long time, I spent my life (a successful, happy life) feeling miserable. That’s what depression is. Even with doctor visits, therapy and medication, I still wasn’t feeling well and enjoying my success.  As a last ditch effort, I decided to “go natural.” 

While I still have an energy drink every morning, I’ve traded fast food for clean, healthy food choices. I fill a morning smoothie with Cacao nibs, protein powder, and MCT oil powder. I carry Turmeric spice almonds wherever I go, and I use coconut oil as coffee creamer these days.                                                                                                                                                                    I’d love to tell you that my anxiety and depression are gone, but that’s not the case. However, in the last month my energy levels have risen and I feel like a “person” again. I feel better. 

I started fueling my body the same way as I fuel my horses - with clean, natural products made to help my body perform better. The best part about Co-op market is how easy it is for me to order products that help me live life better and feel better. I can rest ASSURED that when I buy something from Co-op Market that’s it’s fabulous quality, sourced well and fantastic too, not only to put in my horse’s body, but my own as well. My journey into living a natural lifestyle will continue to grow and evolve. I’ve become so excited to see how eating well, living well, and simply being well, will improve my quality of life. I hope you’ll continue to follow my journey down that road.


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Jane Brown
01/29/2020 21:38:33

Thank you for taking us down this “natural” path with you.  Great Blog!

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