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Cheeki is Australia's leading brand of Stainless Steel lifestyle products. We have wide range of all year around products to suit your needs. Our range includes Water bottles, Insulated Bottles, Baby Bottles, Shakers, Flasks, Coffee Mugs, Coffee Cups and Food Jars. All of our products are manufactured from Premium 304 Food Grade Stainless Steel and are BPA-Free.

Our products are healthy for you and healthy for our environment. Cheeki products are available in a wide range of stylish and fun designs that keep your beverage or food fresher for longer. Cheeki products are perfect for kids' lunchboxes, sports; exercise and everyday use.

Join us and help Ditch the Plastic!

Cheeki’s range of products is completely BPA-free. Bisphenol-A or BPA has been identified as a potential carcinogen that is found within many common household plastics including some baby and water bottles. A chemical used in the manufacture of plastics, BPA has been linked to brain synapse, breast cancer as well as reproductive and developmental impairments. You cook from a stainless steel pot – why not drink from stainless steel too?
Our range is available through a wide range of retail outlets such as health food stores, pharmacies, newsagents, sports, outdoor and gift stores. Welcome!

The Cheeki Passion
Cheeki began with a passion, and the passion for Planet Earth continues to grow. Every day we strive to provide Australians with a sustainable alternative to plastic. Plastic is made from toxic chemicals that cause air pollution and then takes hundreds of years to decompose, filling up our oceans and clogging up our landfills. Reusing common plastic containers and bottles can cause the plastic to break down and leach those toxic chemicals back into drinking water.

Break Even
Safe and cost-effective! Cheeki bottles are so economical, you only need to refill the bottle five times as compared to purchasing five bottled waters to ‘break even’ – this saving makes Cheeki the best and easiest choice on the market.

Suit Your Taste
Cheeki continuously adds to the range, to make sure there is something to suit everyone that is fun, on-trend and that inspire a healthier choice. Available in a variety of shapes, designs and sizes starting from 350ml all the way to 1.2 litre, there is something for everyone from babies, toddlers, athletes, travellers and everyday users.

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