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Jade & Pearl Medium Reusable Sea Sponges 2 count

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Sea Pearls are completely natural sea sponges that come from the ocean. Each Sea Pearl is washed, inspected, trimmed and packaged by an expert sponge squad. The detailed care that goes into each sponge ensures that Jade & Pearl continue providing the same high quality sea sponges that they have offered to the women of the world for the past 40 years.

Sea Pearls are not synthetically manufactured. Because sea sponges grow naturally, they vary by shape, size, color, and texture.


Insertion: First wash your hands thoroughly before, as well as after inserting your sponge. Wet your sponge with lukewarm water then thoroughly squeeze out any excess water. Twist up your sponge into the shape of a tampon then standing with one leg up or sitting on the toilet, with your free hand gently hold open the skin surrounding the vaginal opening. With your other hand place the tip of the twisted sponge at the opening of your vagina using your thumb and index finger or thumb and middle finger to push the sponge inside your body aiming upwards and back. The resistance you may feel when you try this is the normal pressure of your pelvic muscles which will help hold the sponge in place. Removal: We recommend changing your sponge every 4-6 hours. You should not leave your sponge in for any longer than 8 hours. When a sponge is ready to be changed it will begin to work its way to the vaginal opening as it is saturated. Simply feel for the perimeter of your sponge with your fingers, grasp it, and pushing with your pelvic muscles, pull out gently. Rinsing and Storage: Do not use harsh synthetic soaps on your sponge. You may however use a mild natural soap to wash your sponge with such as Dr. Bronner’s. Just add a few drops to your sponge when washing between removal times. If you do not have a disinfectant with you or access when out in public then wash your hands thoroughly and rinse your sponge out with water before reinserting.

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Sea Pearls are completely natural sea sponge tampons containing no Dioxin or synthetic fibers. Sustainably harvested and reusable for six months or more, Sea Pearls are economical, easy to use, and earth friendly.
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