In 1839, James S. Kirk founded Kirk’s in Utica, New York on a simple philosophy: Everyone deserves access to natural cleansers. Now, that statement is as true today as it was nearly two centuries ago. Kirk’s has been, and still is a family in the soap making business, now guided by two sisters turned CEO-moms, Katherine & Molly Oliver. The sisters understand the responsibility of having a proud history to uphold, and they’re proud to carry on the legacy they learned from their own dad.

As a company with more than 170 years, Kirk’s understands that it takes teamwork to accomplish the most important tasks, and that not one person does it all alone. They believe this is especially true when it comes to community support, where they encourage their employees to get involved in service within the community to make a difference. Kirk’s is proud to provide support to charities on both a local and national level to organizations such as Boys & Girls Clubs of America, USO, Matthew 25 Ministries, and The B.A.A.R.K Foundation through in-kind donations.

Simple Clean For Generations

Kirk’s mission is straightforward: simple clean for generations. They believe good products don’t need to be complicated, and that is why they like to keep it simple. Creating high quality natural products for your family and ours, Kirk’s is made with 100% pure coconut oil, unlike many other leading brands that use animal by-products and synthetics. Kirk’s only uses clean and safe ingredients that are sourced and derived from nature and is never tested on animals or made with animal oils.

An exclusive process perfected over 174 years ago makes this natural soap perform like magic, providing handfuls of rich, creamy lather that is strong enough to remove stubborn dirt, yet gentle enough for tender sensitive skin. Fully biodegradable, rinses in a flash, and never leaving residue on your body, Kirk’s soap is great for hands, face, hair, and bath for the entire family.

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