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Lavaggio Prima Original Formula Herbal Rosemary Shampoo 32 fl. oz.

32 fl. oz.
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Transform dull, dry hair into luxurious locks with the Original Formula Rosemary Shampoo from Lavaggio Prima. The entire line of products is based on a proven 19th-century formula which has been passed down over the ages. We've kept the formula, but updated it to use mildest modern components. Here you'll find an infusion of rosemary leaf, lavender flowers and aloe vera, as well as lavender and hemp essential oils.

The low-sudsing, soothing blend allows for deep penetration into the hair and scalp to fully nourish and stimulate. Most clients feel — and see — a difference after a single use.

  • Original formula suitable for all hair types
  • Botanical, not chemical
  • Cruelty free, no animal testing
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Free of chemical thickeners, clarifiers, dyes, scents and plastics
Purified water infused with rosemary leaf, lavender flowers, aloe vera, potassium cocoate soap, alpha olefin sulfonate, lavender essential oil.


Pour directly onto the hair, not in your hands, to ensure proper lathering. You may pour a small amount into a cup and then onto your hair, or put a portion of the shampoo in a squirt bottle for even easier application.

Once opened, remove disk from beneath cap so the shampoo can breathe.
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