5 Eco-Conscious Reasons to Buy in Bulk


5 Reasons Why Buying in Bulk Helps the Environment & Your Wallet 

Buying in bulk is the greenest way to buy, since it minimizes packaging that takes resources to make and becomes waste to dispose of. Bulk buying also saves money due to the reduced packaging, printing and advertising costs. And, bulk is great for sharing with friends and making DIY gifts.

Bulk Display

Here at Frontier Co-op, we've been selling bulk since 1976. You may be familiar with our bulk herbs, spices and teas. If you’ve seen the bulk bins or jars in your local co-op or natural foods store, chances are good that they contain our products, whether or not you see our name. But, we also have a whole category of bulk products outside the food world that you may not be familiar with: bulk personal care.

A lot of these products have intriguing names (like kaolin clay) and look gorgeous (the hibiscus flowers and rose buds are stunning!) — you can check them out, as well as purchase them, here in the Co-op Market. 

Read on for 5 reasons why you should buy groceries and personal care products in bulk.

Reduce Plastic

1. How Buying in Bulk Reduces Plastic & Packaging

One of the best ways to help improve our planet is to reduce the volume of plastic and packaging in our landfills. With roughly 33% of landfill waste coming from plastic, bulk buying helps the environment. Buying in bulk without plastic also reduces the use of plastic bags common in traditional grocery stores. Co-op Market is doing our part as well by using sustainable packaging peanuts for everything we ship.

2. Why Buying in Bulk Saves Money

Why is it cheaper to buy in bulk? Buying in bulk is almost always cheaper per unit. Experts estimate as bulk buying saves the average person 20% on their purchases. Additionally, buying in bulk requires fewer trips to the store, saving you money on gas and mileage. All that money saved from buying in bulk really adds up over time!

Stock Essentials

3. Buying in Bulk Allows You to Stock Up on Essentials

Buying in bulk means being prepared. For everything and anything. Buying in larger quantities and stocking up on essentials ensures you never run out of the items you need when you need them. The next time there's a run on essentials at the grocery store, you'll be thankful you stocked up and bought in bulk. Stock up on essentials like personal care products, feminine care products, spices & seasonings, and other groceries you regularly purchase.

4. Buying in Bulk Saves Time

Your schedule is packed. You have to make time for your work Zooms, getting the family ready, shuttling to after-school programs - it's exhausting. Want to buy back some of that time and save money in the process? Buy in bulk. Less online orders. Less trips to the stores. More time to focus on the things in your life that matter most.

Meal Planning

5. Meal Planning Reduces Your Food Waste

Americans waste 80 billion pounds of food every year. For perspective, that's around 219 pounds of waste per person or 30-40 percent of the US food supply. Your solution to fight this problem? Meal Planning. Buying in bulk gives you a variety of ingredients that allow you to do your meal planning in advance. Proper meal planning can go a long way to reducing your food waste.

Co-op Market Bulk Products That Just Make Sense

Buying in bulk has countless benefits. You save money and time. You're always stocked up on essentials. And the environment gets improved by reducing on input into landfills. If you're looking to buy in bulk, Co-op Market is a great place to start.