Frontier Co-op Frontier Sumac Ground 2.10 oz.

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  • Kosher
  • Organic
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Frontier Co-op’s Ground Sumac allows a deep, flavorful exploration into international seasonings with a traditional Middle Eastern spice. Add tangy, lemon-like flavor and appealing color to meats, vegetables and side dishes. An easy way to enjoy international flavors at home.

Sumac berries, native to the Middle East, are most often picked, dried and ground for use in cooking. The name comes from the Arabic word summãq, meaning red. Prior to the Romans introducing lemons to Europe, sumac was a popular option for adding tart flavor and color to dishes. You’ll find sumac in spice blends like za’atar, or as an ingredient in dry rubs. It stands alone, as well — try it sprinkled over any savory meal for fresh, bright finish.

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  • Origin: Turkey

Sumac (Sumac Berries, Salt).