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Z Wraps 3-Pack Assorted Sizes Food Storage Bowl Covers (Bell, Rhys & Wynn)

3 Pack
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The Z Wraps Lyocell Set of 3 Bowl Covers presents an eco-friendly solution to food preservation, utilizing sustainable lyocell made from eucalyptus wood pulp for a gentle touch on both food and the environment. The set includes three sizes for various containers and features elastic edges for a secure fit, ensuring freshness. Designed for multiple uses, these covers reduce both plastic waste and expenses, as they can be easily cleaned and reused. In addition to their practicality, Z Wraps add a stylish flair to your kitchen with a range of attractive prints. Versatile beyond bowl covering, they're useful for tasks like covering dough or salads and are perfect for picnics, all while packaged in an eco-conscious manner ideal for gifting.

Set includes:
1 Small (Bell): fits 6.5" bowl
1 Medium (Rhys): fits 7.5" bowl
1 Large (Wynn): fits 9.25" bowl
100% Lyocell
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