Z Wraps Z Wraps 5-Pack Beeswax Wrap, 2 Small Leafy Green, 2 Medium Bees Love These, 1 Large Strawberry Field's Print

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Our 3 most-popular sizes, now with more wrapping power:

This pack is a super-saver any way you slice it: it prevents 5000+ plastic bags from entering the environment, your food stays fresher and more attractive longer, and 5 wraps in 1 pack is our most budget-friendly alternative to plastic bags.

2 smalls to wrap your snacks, lunch bites, and other nibbles
2 mediums for sandwiches, cheese, and produce
1 large for big dishes and oversize foods like breads, pastry, melons, cabbage, or celery stalks
What's inside:

2 Small: 8"x8”
2 Medium: 12"x12”
1 Large: 12"x15”


100% cotton, organic beeswax, organic jojoba oil, pine tree resin