Z Wraps Z Wraps XLarge Beeswax Wrap, Bread & Cheese Print 16 x 26

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Keep your biggest food items fresh with this super-sized wrap.  

So many of us wonder how to keep bread fresh—turns out, the best way is the natural way. This XL Z Wrap big enough to wrap a full-sized baguette and keeps it fresher for longer.
Cover bigger bakeware pieces, cover rising bread dough, cover a watermelon, roll out a pie crust, be a placemat…bring it on, this XL can do it!
All your big leafy greens will love being wrapped up and kept fresh in this XL.
This wrap leaves room for customization: cut it to fit your favorite items like an extra-large salad or serving bowl, and have 1-2 additional small wraps. Make sure to use sharp scissors.
Dimensions: 16" x 26"


100% cotton, organic beeswax, organic jojoba oil, pine tree resin