Gluten Free Sweet & Smoky Hazelnut Crusted Salmon

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  • Total Time: 25 mins
  • Makes: 4 servings

Bob’s Red Mill Hazelnut Flour takes the work out of chopping these nuts into a fine meal. I love the variety of these nut flours as they are so easily used in both savory and sweet dishes. They are gluten free which makes them a welcome addition in cooking for anyone that has a sensitivity but doesn’t want to miss out on those dishes that need breadcrumbs or flours. Combine this nut flour with your favorite Simply Organic Umami Blend. Sweet and Smoky was used in this dish as I love the warmer notes and maple hints with my salmon. I top the salmon off with my newest addiction, Frontier Co-op freshly ground pink peppercorns, a little bit sweeter and subtler than traditional black pepper. It lends a pop of color to this dish and we all know we eat with our eyes first. (Thank you to our friend Stacey Swanson for creating this wonderful recipe.)


  • 1 pound of skin on salmon (either a 1 lb. filet or 4 smaller filets)

    avocado or olive oil spray

    1/2 cups of Bob’s Red Mill hazelnut flour

    1-2 teaspoons of olive or avocado oil

    1 tablespoon of maple syrup, honey or agave

    1/2 tablespoon of dijon mustard

    1 teaspoon or to taste of Simply Organic sweet & smoky blend Umami blend

    Frontier Co-op salt & pepper to taste

    Frontier Co-op pink peppercorn with built-in grinder


    *optional balsamic glaze or pomegranate glaze (I used pomegranate)


    1. Line or spray a baking dish or sheet with either parchment or nonstick spray
    2. Preheat the oven to 375
    3. With a paper towel dab all the moisture off your salmon
    4. In a bowl combine the nut flour, olive oil, maple syrup, mustard, and sweet & smoky blend, s & p to taste (refrain from using the pink peppercorn til the end)
    5. You should have a pretty thick hearty mixture. We want it thicker so it holds up and packs on the salmon and doesn’t slide off during cooking
    6. You are going to have to get your hands dirty for this one hahaha.  Scooping small portions of the mixture out, packing it tightly on the top of your salmon.  You will need to press it down and spread it out.
    7. Once all filets are covered, give them a light spray with avocado oil, another sprinkling of umami blend and then hit them with freshly ground pink peppercorns.
    8. Bake anywhere from 12-20 min depending on the thickness of your filets and how well done you like your salmon.
    9. Serve with a drizzle of pomegranate or balsamic glaze.

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