Since being founded in 1973, Reviva Labs has had one goal – to create safe, effective skin treatments that produce visible results at a reasonable price. That’s why generations of skin care enthusiasts have fallen in love with Reviva Lab’s skin care over the last 45+ years.

Great natural skin care that’s affordable and works!

Throughout its history Reviva Labs has been a unique skin care brand. From its inception, Stephen and Judith Strassler – the founders – were resolute that Reviva would do natural skin care better. Under their guidance Reviva established itself within the emerging skin-salon market, creating skin care professionals desired, and almost single-handedly ushered skin care into the health food industry.

Reviva Labs has been creating superior natural skin care for nearly half a century – and they are just getting started. As they enter their 46th year, they’ve renewed their commitment to being a leader in the natural skin care industry, and they plan to continue growing Stephen’s vision by creating unsurpassed natural skin care he’d be proud of – and that the customers love. For the next decades, Reviva Labs will work to be The Natural Skin Care Authority for generations to come.


Why Ingredients Matter

They want their customers to feel good about the products they're using on their skin. Reviva uses only the highest-quality ingredients that are both safe and effective - the perfect blend of nature & science.

Trusted For Generations

It’s a great feeling to know Reviva is being “handed down” from mother to daughter – and even to their granddaughters. And for their next generation of loyal Reviva users they promise to keep delivering the natural skin care people respect and trust.

Natural Skin Care For All

Because of their commitment to the safe, effective ingredients and formulations, most of their products are suitable for all skin types. And if a particular formula is not advisable for all skin types, it will say so on the packaging.

Cruelty Free Skin Care

Reviva Labs is committed to being cruelty-free and has been since their beginning. They’ve never tested on animals, and they’ve remained focused on sourcing our ingredients and all components of our products from like-minded companies.

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