To ensure the highest quality for our consumers, we set high standards for our products, and have established internal testing processes and capabilities to ensure the integrity of our products. We handle product carefully from receiving through processing and all the way to distribution to guarantee safe, high-quality products.

We have always practiced ingredient transparency, and maintain a steadfast commitment to providing safe, pure products across all of our brands. Our labels clearly and completely reflect the ingredients in the product, and we have zero tolerance for adulterants, fillers, or prohibited ingredients.


• Climate controlled storage is used to preserve freshness and chemically active plant constituents.

• Microanalysis reveals cellular structure of plants to determine, identify, and prevent adulteration.

• Organoleptic testing consists of taste, smell, and sight evaluations to ensure a quality consumer

experience and screen out adulterated product.

• High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) testing measures active constituent levels.

• Microbiological testing detects yeast, mold and bacteria, and pathogens.

Quality Assurance (QA)

This team of quality professionals are dedicated to food safety, quality, and regulatory compliance. Key responsibilities include adherence to and continuous improvement against industry standards, maintenance of internal audit programs, and maintaining and defining programs related to plant quality. This team also reviews, tests, and evaluates key programs or systems through ongoing review of codes, regulations, and the coordination of operational reviews and reporting.

Quality Control (QC)

The function of our Quality Control (QC) team is to confirm the fit-for-use of incoming raw materials through scientifically valid chemical and physical testing of spices, herbs, and essential oils prior to packaging and sale to the public. While Quality Assurance (QA) is primarily focused on prerequisite programs for assuring that the manufacture of products will result in safe, delicious spices and herbs and wonderful essential oils, QC employs sophisticated analytical instrumentation to measure key quality parameters in determining alignment with internally established expectations of excellence for all Frontier-Co-op products.