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    6 Ways to Beat the Summer Heat

    Looks as if record-breaking high temperatures are on tap again this summer. And with the scorching heat comes the challenge of enjoying the sun season, while also staying cool and avoiding the serious health risks that overheating poses. Sure, you can stay indoors and sit in front of the AC or fan all day... but where’s the fun in that? Try a few of our simple, easy suggestions on how to beat the heat and you’ll have it made in the shade all summer long!

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    10 Summer Essentials

    Summer’s the busiest time of the year, with endless opportunities to be outdoors. From sporting activities, travel vacations and celebrations to lawn and garden chores, the last thing you want to do is stress about something you need, after the fact. No worries! You’ll be ready to embrace the season’s fun, sun and most everything else Mother Nature sends your way, with our 10 summer essentials.

  • Prebiotics and Probiotics

    A Beginner’s Guide to Prebiotics & Probiotics: Keeping Your Gut’s Microbiome Healthy

    There are trillions of tiny critters living in your gut, but before you get alarmed, know that these organisms are vital to your health. They need to be lovingly fed and cared for, as they are key players in the ecosystem inside your body referred to as the microbiome, and this microbiome plays a huge role in your well-being, extending far beyond your gut health. Those little critters help regulate digestion, boost immunity, and even affect mental health. Read on to learn how prebiotics and probiotics can make your gut their happy home.

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    6 Summer Skin-Care Tips for Health & Beauty

    Healthy skin radiates well-being. But if you think getting a suntan means your skin is healthy, think again. The sun season presents numerous challenges for skin health and beauty. Sun, humidity, insects, as well as plant and chemical irritants can compromise your skin’s health and appearance. Pamper your skin – from the inside, out – with our summer skin-care basics, and give it a healthy glow!

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    The Essential Dried Goods Pantry

    You never made it to the grocery store, and guess what? Unexpected guests show up, of course! Perhaps you’re exhausted after a busy day, or extreme weather has made it unsafe to travel, or illness keeps you homebound. Times such as these, you’ll be glad you have a well-stocked dried goods pantry. Here’s what you need...

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    Top Benefits of Using Non-Toxic Cleaners

    Are you one of those folks who enjoy walking down the cleaning solutions aisle in the grocery store because it smells so good? Didn’t think so, because those people are indeed rare! The pungent, irritating odors of those chemical cleaners is one of the first clues that you should steer clear of them and reach for eco-friendly cleaners instead. Here are the top 5 benefits of making the switch from chemical-laden cleaners to non-toxic plant-based cleaners for your home.

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    Eco-Friendly Products You Need, NOW!

    Though the problems facing the future of our planet may seem overwhelming, they become more manageable when we focus attention on the three action principles Earth Day was founded on: Reduce, Reuse & Recycle. You can make a positive difference, and that difference starts in your home, with choices you make every day. We can help you lighten your carbon footprint, set a planet-loving example for your children and grandchildren, as well as support businesses that are striving to make a BIG positive difference.

  • coffee

    A Guide to Coffee Origins, Types & Flavor

    Dark, medium or light roast, robust or mildly flavorful, full octane or decaf... how do you like your coffee? Do you prefer a consistent flavor to greet you every morning, or do you enjoy exploring new flavors from around the world? What’s all the buzz about Organic, Fair Trade, and Single Source coffees? Whether you are new to coffee drinking or dream of becoming a coffee connoisseur, you’ll find our coffee bean guide an informative primer to help you make thoughtful decisions about your next coffee purchase for home brewing, or to try at your favorite café.

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    Vitamins & Supplements You’ll Want to Take Advantage Of

    No matter how healthy we try to eat, for a variety of reasons our diets may be unable to provide all the nutrients we need to achieve and maintain optimum health. Vitamins and supplements can help you get those important nutrients; but with so many brands on the market, it’s hard to know which ones offer a quality product. Look no further! We carry a plethora of vitamins and supplements for children and adults, made by brands you can trust, because we’ve done all the vetting.