• eco-friendly products

    Eco-Friendly Products You Need, NOW!

    Though the problems facing the future of our planet may seem overwhelming, they become more manageable when we focus attention on the three action principles Earth Day was founded on: Reduce, Reuse & Recycle. You can make a positive difference, and that difference starts in your home, with choices you make every day. We can help you lighten your carbon footprint, set a planet-loving example for your children and grandchildren, as well as support businesses that are striving to make a BIG positive difference.

  • coffee

    A Guide to Coffee Origins, Types & Flavor

    Dark, medium or light roast, robust or mildly flavorful, full octane or decaf... how do you like your coffee? Do you prefer a consistent flavor to greet you every morning, or do you enjoy exploring new flavors from around the world? What’s all the buzz about Organic, Fair Trade, and Single Source coffees? Whether you are new to coffee drinking or dream of becoming a coffee connoisseur, you’ll find our coffee bean guide an informative primer to help you make thoughtful decisions about your next coffee purchase for home brewing, or to try at your favorite café.

  • tea

    Vitamins & Supplements You’ll Want to Take Advantage Of

    No matter how healthy we try to eat, for a variety of reasons our diets may be unable to provide all the nutrients we need to achieve and maintain optimum health. Vitamins and supplements can help you get those important nutrients; but with so many brands on the market, it’s hard to know which ones offer a quality product. Look no further! We carry a plethora of vitamins and supplements for children and adults, made by brands you can trust, because we’ve done all the vetting.

  • kitchen pantry staples

    How to Stock Your Kitchen for Simple Meals

    Your pantry is overflowing but there’s nothing to eat? Meal preparation can be stressful when you’re in a hurry... but no worries, we can help you simplify your pantry and have plenty of convenient foods on hand to quickly prepare delicious and healthy meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner... and dessert, too!

  • soup-mixes

    How to Make Soup in a Hurry

    Whether it’s supped at the dinner table, at your office desk, or by a campfire, there’s something deeply comforting and satisfying about a bowl of soup. Just like your grandmother said, soup is good for you, in so many ways. Soups are hydrating, tummy-filling, full of nutrients, affordable, and simple to make, too – especially with our Co-op Frontier® soup mixes. Discover how our nutritious soup mixes can help you quickly and easily make a meal, plus many other dishes!

  • tea

    10 Alternatives to Energy Drinks

    An impending work project deadline is looming. You’re up against tough competition at a sporting event. You didn’t sleep well. You’re suffering from jet lag, a hangover, or typical afternoon slump... there are plenty of reasons why you might reach for an energy drink. But wait! Those heavily-caffeinated quick fixes are too often laden with questionable ingredients and come with unwanted after-effects. Here are 10 ways you can safely boost your energy to achieve your goals.

  • 10 Must-Have Herbs & Spices

    10 Must-Have Herbs & Spices

    Every seasoned cook knows herbs and spices are a quick way to add a lot of flavor to even just one or two ingredients. For instance, a few twists of freshly ground black pepper, half a teaspoon of ground cumin and a dusting of sage can transform a can of cannellini beans with sautéed onions into a gourmet side dish. Here’s a brief overview of ten herbs and spices you’ll reach for time and again to add incredible, unique, and unexpected flavor to your meals.

  • How to Green-Up Every Room in Your Home

    How to Green-Up Every Room in Your Home

    By making your home more eco-friendly, you can help reduce plastic waste and pollution, as well as live in a safer, healthier environment. It’s easier than you think! Here are some simple, sustainable ways to green-up your home, one room at a time. Best of all, none require more elbow grease and they won’t break your budget. In fact, they will most likely save you time and money in the long run.

  • Holiday Gift Basket Inspiration

    Holiday Gift Basket Inspiration

    Add a personal touch to your holiday gifts this year and create a unique DIY gift basket that anyone would love to receive.