Over 50 years ago, Ecos founder Van Vlahakis made a commitment to create safer cleaning products that protect the health and wellbeing of both people and planet.  Fast forward to today and that continues to be their mission and driving force. As a family-owned company, Ecos has always done business differently. Their ecosystem is built on ethics, empathy, and environmental social justice. From the way they make their products to how they treat their employees and support local communities, they are forever committed to helping you create a safer and more sustainable home.

Ecos values are deeply rooted in their beliefs. Ecos believes that everyone has the right to a healthy home, regardless of race, religion, income, or geography. That you should never underestimate the power of one act to save the planet. The high road is the only way to do good business and that knowledge is meant to be shared. These beliefs are the reason behind the way that they do business and why they champion for safer products and ingredient transparency. 

Ecos products are cleaner cleaning products, without all the nasty stuff. Their plant-powered products are safer for you and our planet, because clean shouldn’t mean spreading toxins all over your home. Ecos is cleaning power found in nature, but you wouldn’t know it just by looking at it. The foundational ingredients found in their products are coconut, beets, vinegar, minerals, and vitamin E. For example, a simple coconut carries powerful cleaning properties – while also being a highly renewable resource. It’s the kind of criteria Ecos applies to all their ingredients through cutting-edge clean chemistry, so you can be confident that every Ecos product is safer for you, and safer for the environment, too.

All Ecos ingredients are ethically sourced. They believe that a sustainable supply chain should support local farmers and preserve the history and traditions of the generations before ours. That’s why they source their ingredients globally to ensure plant-based ingredients come from where they are indigenously grown.


  • Solvents – these are stabilizers in our formulas that help break down dirt & oil.
  • Preservatives – Freshness Maintainers: Preservatives are used in Ecos formulas to ensure that their products stay fresh and free of bacteria. 
  • Natural Fragrances & Essential Oils – Scents: Their natural fragrances include a mixture of essential oils and chemicals that are all naturally derived and sourced to improve your sensory experience.
  • Surfactants – Cleaning Agents: Surfactants are the active agents that do the heavy lifting of soil and stain removal. 
  • pH Adjusters – Fine Tuners: Ecos uses pH adjusters so that all their products are pH balanced in a range that is safer for you and your family.

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