DOMA Coffee Roasting Company DOMA Coffee Roasting Company Organic The Chronic Super Dank Blend Whole Bean Coffee 12 oz.

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  • Kosher
  • Organic
  • No Synthetic Preservatives
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Part Chronic, part secret stash. We’ve stepped on this one and come up with The Chronic Super Dank. This blend will give you that super good feeling sip after sip.

All single origins change seasonally as fresh crops come in. The country and UPC remain the same and we order our green to reach a similar profile and roast level, but as fresh crops come in the origin and tasting notes do shift.  For example, the order you have going out this week is Colombia Organic Santander, and the tasting notes are caramelized sugar, melon, spice. The way coffee is grown it does vary in taste from season to season. That is amplified with single origins as the tasting notes do not get “blended out” at all.



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