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This tea contains diuretic herbs which have traditionally been combined to help your body eliminate excess water and return you to a more comfortable condition. A blend of fennel, parsley, red clover, uva ursi, cleavers and chicory, as well as cranberry and hibiscus, you'll love the tart, fruity taste of this tea nearly as much as you love its ability to relieve water retention.

Organic fennel fruit, organic red clover flower, organic uva ursi leaf, organic parsley leaf, organic cleavers herb, organic hibiscus flower, organic chicory root, roasted, organic cranberry fruit, organic stevia leaf.

Product Warning

CAUTIONS: Teas containing uva ursi leaf are not for long-term daily use without medical advice. DO NOT USE if pregnant or breastfeeding, or if under 12 years of age. SIDE EFFECTS: Teas containing uva ursi leaf may cause nausea or vomiting in individuals and children with snsitive stomachs.