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Z Wraps 3-Pack Assorted Sizes Reusable Produce Bags (Deryn, Black & Rhys)

3 Pack
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Z Wraps produce bags are crafted from 100% sustainable and biodegradable lyocell, derived from responsibly sourced wood pulp, offering an elegant and environmentally friendly alternative to plastic bags. Available in three sizes with vibrant designs, these bags cater to a variety of needs, from food shopping to travel, and even as stylish gift bags. Each set includes three bags: small (11x8 inches), medium (11x13 inches), and large (11x17 inches), made from eucalyptus-based lyocell fibers that are water-efficient and fully biodegradable. They're easy to use for sustainable shopping, effortlessly cleaned, and serve multiple purposes, from preserving produce freshness to organizing travel essentials.

Set includes:
1 Small (Deryn): 11" x 8"
1 Medium (Black): 11" x13"
1 Large (Rhys): 11" x 17"
100% Lyocell
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