Frontier Co-op seeks to work with brands that share our mission of working toward a sustainable future. Doing business sustainably involves measuring our success in terms of social and environmental responsibility as well as financial results. Frontier Co-op cares deeply about the effect we have on the world we live in — the people and communities we do business with, the way the production of our botanical products affects the environment, and the holistic health of us all.

In keeping with the values of Frontier Co-op members, we've prioritized the quality and sustainability of our products by providing full disclosure of ingredients, developing new organic sources and making our operations more sustainable. We've made it our business to be a helpful participant in the communities our co-op is a part of.

It's not that we couldn't or wouldn't do such things if we were individually owned or a traditional corporation but being cooperatively owned by tens of thousands of members advocating for doing the right thing has reinforced our values and actions. We're a different business in a different world than when we started, but Frontier Co-op’s commitment to our founding values and those of our members remains strong.


Since 1976, Frontier Co-op has been showing the world that Doing Good, Works.