Co-op Market is the online marketplace for natural, sustainable and mindful living.

Our Co-op roots are at the heart of the way we always do business — cooperatively and with fairness and integrity with all people. We work with brands who share our vision for a more ethical, mindful and well world, to bring over 10,000 products to market. We'll share heartening backstories of the brands and companies we're pleased to call our partners, navigate the often-complicated world of natural products and share inspiring stories of others who are on the same journey.

We have unique insight into natural products and the people who buy them by having our member/owners in direct contact with the consumers of the products. And our co-op structure has fostered honest, responsible business practices that are increasingly valued in the marketplace. Co-op Market operates in the shared interest of its members — and that extends beyond financial interests to the underlying values of the members. We were founded amid the idealism about food, the environment and social justice of the 1970s “co-op movement.” Today, those founding values still prevail in our members and in the way we do business — and people are shopping for them.

You care about those same values — you want high quality products that are produced with respect for the environment and the people who grow and manufacture them. Our members are collectively leaders in wholesome food, environmental stewardship and social responsibility — and the business they own is a leader in those areas as well. The environmental and social responsibility, openness, integrity and fairness that you want in your products are available from Co-op Market.

We’re driven by a simple purpose: to do good by our people and planet. And to create a stronger company built on a commitment to quality and sustainability. Every employee we empower puts their passion into products they believe in — making a difference our customers can see, smell, taste and feel. It’s a win for our people, our products and our Co-op. By choosing Co-op Market, you actively support fair business practices, sustainable living and wellness for people and planet.