Giovanni Heatless Blush Hair Curling Set

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Simply wrap and secure your damp hair and Good Morning Beautiful! No heat! No damage! Just gorgeous, voluminous, and bouncy curls. A professional-looking style without all the hassle! This unique, flexible Satin Curling Rod provides smooth, frizz-free waves and curls. The longer you wear it, the tighter the curl.
Curling Rod - 68% Polypropylene Fiber, 32% Polyester Satin
Scrunchies - 100% Polyester Satin
Hair Clip - Plastic


1. Place curling rod on top of damp or dry hair. Use clip to clin curling rod onto middle of hair and hold in place. (Curling rod works better on damp hair).
2. Start wrapping one side of hair, from the top, section-by-section around curling rod, adding more to each section as you wrap downwards.
3. Secure end of hair with scrunchie (tight enough to hold). Repeat on the alternate side. Remove hair clip. If preferred, spray with a styling hold spray or leave-in conditioner for a stronger, more defined hold.
4. Keep in hair for 3 hours for loose waves and curls or overnight for 6+ hours for tighter, more defined curls.
5. Remove scrunchies. Pull curling rod up to loosen curls from the rod.
6. Embrace the beauty of your professional-looking and incredibly styled hair!
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