Summertime White Rose Lemongrass Iced Tea

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  • Total Time: 15 mins
  • Makes: 1-2 servings

Iced tea is synonymous with summer. I have traded in the traditional black iced tea for a white rose tea and sweetened it with a lemongrass simple syrup. Simple syrups are a great way to sweeten teas, carbonated water, lemonades or even your half tea half lemonade drinks. Experiment with different teas or maybe add it to a limeade. If you don’t have time for homemade lemonade add a tablespoon or two to your favorite store bought. Simple syrups make great gifts too. (Thank you to our friend Stacey Swanson for creating this wonderful recipe.)


  • Tea

    3-4 Numi white rose tea bags (depending on how you like the strength of your tea)

    *Don’t be afraid to experiment with other tea flavors

    2 cups of filtered hot water for steeping


    Lemongrass simple syrup

    1 cup of filtered water

    1 cup of Wholesome organic granulated sugar (extra for rim of glass)

    1/2 cup of Frontier Co-op organic cut dried lemongrass



    Lime for squeezing and garnishing

    Frontier Co-op crystallized ginger slices (highly recommend)

    Fresh mint


    1. Prepare the tea with steeping time on the package.

    2. In a saucepan add in the lemongrass, water, and sugar and bring to a simmer then turn off the heat and allow it to steep for 15 minutes before straining.

    3. You can cool down the tea in the fridge a bit before adding it with ice to a glass.

    4. Use a small bit of lime juice to rub around the rim of your glass and then insert the glass rim in some sugar. Ice in the glass, a couple of tablespoons or to taste of the lemon grass simple syrup, pour in the tea, and garnish with a lime wedge and a crystallized ginger slice. Nibble on the ginger between sips of the tea for a yummy flavor explosion.

    5. This simple syrup can also be added to lemonade and would be amazing in limeade. Experiment. *see additional recipe for Summertime Hibiscus Fizzy Lemonade.

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