Herby Italian Dipping Oil for Crusty Bread

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  • Total Time: 5 mins
  • Makes: 1 family style plate or 4 portions

I honestly don’t think there is anything more sublime than a good loaf of crusty bread and Italian dipping oil. Each herb gives the oil a certain depth of flavor, but the recipe is also very forgiving if you are missing a particular herb it is still going to taste just as great. I used Sutter Buttes blood orange olive oil for this recipe, but play around with it and try other flavored oils or even just plain olive oil. A swirl of thick balsamic glaze rounds out the dipping oil. This makes a great gift also. (Thank you to our friend Stacey Swanson for creating this wonderful recipe.)


  • Crusty bread: baguette, focaccia, ciabatta all work well

    1 tablespoon of freshly ground Frontier Co-op Pink/White or Black peppercorns (I used pink)

    1 tablespoon of Simply Organic oregano

    1 tablespoon of Frontier Co-op sweet leaf basil

    1 tablespoon of Simply Organic parsley

    1.5 teaspoons of Frontier Co-op garlic powder

    1.5 teaspoons of Frontier Co-op onion powder

    1/2 teaspoon of Frontier Co-op rosemary (crush it with the back of a knife or mortar & pestle)

    1/4-1/2 teaspoon of Frontier Co-op fennel seed (crush it with the back of a knife or mortar & pestle)

    Sutter Buttes blood orange olive oil or olive oil of choice

    Frontier Co-op Fleur de Sel for sprinkling

    Thick balsamic glaze for drizzling or traditional balsamic vinegar or pomegranate molasses works too



    Frontier Co-op crushed red pepper flake to taste for “zing & heat”


    Lemon zest is nice if you are using a plain olive oil or even a lemon olive oil


    **Shortcut version is to use Frontier Co-op Pizza seasoning and olive oil. Mix & top with balsamic glaze.


    1. Mix all the herbs in a bowl.

    2. Add in as much olive oil as you like to thin to your liking.

    3. Pour into a shallow bowl or onto a plate and then drizzle with some thick balsamic glaze, balsamic vinegar or pomegranate molasses.

    4. Sprinkle with Fleur de Sel & zest.

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