Easy DIY Body Wash with Essential Oils


How to Make Easy DIY Body Wash with Essential Oils & Unscented Liquid Soap

You can avoid the questionable ingredients in commercial body cleansers, shaving soap and hand soap and still get clean. There’s simply no need to hassle with all of the individual products when one bottle of unscented liquid soap works just as well. Often referred to as liquid Castile soap, read on to learn how to make DIY body wash with essential oils and unscented liquid (castille) soap.

Unscented liquid soap is a simple and safe ingredient to make your own homemade versions of typical, cleanser-based DIY liquid body wash. It’s easy to use, doing so saves money, plus it allows you to use safer and more natural products on your skin – all of which better fits a more holistic lifestyle. You can easily switch up with add-in ingredients like essential oils, herbal infusions, extracts and hydrosols that: capture certain benefits, fit your mood, or even tie-in with the season at hand.


DIY Body Wash


What Is Liquid Soap And How Is It Made?

Liquid soap is created by adding potassium hydroxide to a vegetable oil, such as olive or hemp. This produces a reaction called saponification – a process of chemistry by which the strong basic pH of the potassium hydroxide rearranges the larger fatty triglyceride molecules of the vegetable oil into separate and smaller molecules of esters, salts and glycerin. This mix of molecules is basically liquid soap – a fragrance-free, effective and very useful cleanser that’s been safely used for ages. Using unscented liquid soap in this recipe makes it the perfect DIY body wash for sensitive skin.

Soap can occasionally dry the skin, because in the process of getting you clean, it can take away the body’s own protecting oil (sebum.) To counteract this, a light application of a skin care oil after washing is all that’s needed. By applying the oil, you’ll provide a temporary replacement for the sebum until your skin produces more. Everyone’s skin is different; some of us are able to use soap often, whereas others need to apply it more judiciously. It’s best to just know your skin type and regulate your use of soap. The flexibility of this DIY liquid body wash recipe is perfect for various skin types.

Easy DIY Body Wash Ingredients

Use this simple 3-ingredient formula for any cleansing application. This simple 3-ingredient recipe makes the perfect cheap DIY body wash.

How to Make DIY Essential Oil Body Wash

  1. Into a 4 oz. bottle, measure all ingredients, replace lid and shake gently until well-blended.
  2. To use, apply to wet skin, work into lather and rinse.

Tip: Try using liquid soap for simplicity, economy and variety when you mix in your own choice of essential oils and body care ingredients.




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